Registration open: network event on transitions towards Sustainable Urban Deltas

In light of the upcoming Habitat III conference at Quito, Ecuador, The Government of the Netherlands as outgoing chair of the Delta Coalition together with the City of Beira and the knowledge network Delta Alliance are pleased to invite you to their network event “Transition towards Sustainable Delta Cities” on Wednesday the 19th of October 2016 from 14:00 pm – 16:00 pm in room MR19 at the venue of the Habitat III conference, Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana “Benjamin Carrion”.

During this challenging network event the aim is to build networks and make the next steps on concrete actions, innovations, proposals and research, hereby building on the results obtained at the Sustainable Urban Deltas Conference, which was held in Rotterdam (May 2016). These results were presented to the ministerial round table of the Delta Coalition and resulted in the adoption of a ministerial declaration and a call for action.

Furthermore, best practices will be presented, all of which will focus on the implementation of the New Urban Agenda and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development on local scale in Delta cities. The event will bring together national and local governments, the private sector, research organizations and civil society around an (local) action agenda of innovative solutions for challenges in delta cities.

The network event will be opened by the Dutch Ambassador for Sustainable Development, Mr Kees Rade, and the Dutch International Water Envoy, Mr Henk Ovink. In addition, opening statements will be given by the chairman of the National Housing Authority of Bangladesh, followed by the Deputy Director of the Public Governance and Territorial Development Directorate at the OECD, Mr Luiz de Mello and Mr. Khoo Tend Chy, executive director of the Centre for Liveable Cities, Ministry of National Development of Singapore. 

The parallel sessions will start off with plenary pitches by Ronald Lenz, director Human City Coalition; Peter Odhengo, Kenya focal point and Advisory Committee Member Delta Alliance;  and Daviz Simango – Mayor of Beira – will then  give ample opportunity to build on networks, through 3 parallel events on finance; knowledge; and peer-to-peer city learning.

You may register now for this network event by sending an email to deltacoalition@minbuza.nl . Should you have contacts within your network that might be interested in participating in the network event, you are welcome to forward this invitation.

Please find the details of the program below.


1. Welcome and introduction / Sustainable Urban Deltas: Next steps! Call for action based on the results of the delta coalition.
By: Kees Rade (Ambassador Sustainable Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Henk Ovink, Special Envoy for International Water Affairs, Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment).

2. Keynote speech on the challenges of urbanizing deltas.
By: Mr. Khandaker, Akhtaruzzaman Chairman of the National Housing Authority of Bangladesh, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

3. Second keynote speech on global challenges and governance for urban deltas.
By: Mr. Luiz de Mello – Deputy Director of the Public Governance and Territorial Development Directorate, OECD.

4. Third keynote speech on best practices on urban water and spatial management.
By: Mr. Khoo Teng Chy, executive director Centre for Liveable Cities, Ministry of National Development of Singapore.

Pitches introducing the 3 parallel sessions thematic wise, aimed at providing solutions for the global challenges that were sketched in line with the Rotterdam Call of Action (see www.deltacoalition.net/news) will be max 3 minutes each and will state: i) what the thematic of parallel session is about, ii) the expected results of the parallel session: joint learning and an actionable agenda on sustainable delta cities in support of the New Urban Agenda and follow up of the call for action of Rotterdam.

5. Pitches. Moderator: Henk Ovink.

Pitch 1: Reinvent finance! Public Private Partnerships as a solution for sustainable human focused city development.
Speaker: Mrs. AnneMarie Rankhorst – supervisory board member Human Cities Coalition.

Pitch 2: Collaboration is Key! Organizing Networks: Managing directions. Water-related Resilience:  Knowledge exchange and assessments for informed planning and interventions in urbanizing deltas.
Speaker: Mr. Peter Odhengo Treasury, Government of  Kenya, Advisory Committee Member Delta Alliance.

Pitch 3: Make cities work! (Creating Action in Cities and Deltas) Understanding Cities as Agents of Change: Best Practices and City-to-City Learning and practical tools (Colombia, Philippines, Mozambique, South Africa, Ghana, Vietnam).
Speaker: Mr. Daviz Simango – Mayor of Beira.

Parallel sessions will take place in different corners of the network venue. They may take the form of small workshops, poster presentations with Q&A’s, speed-date events to recollect information, scenario game played together; et cetera. The aim is to exchange ideas on solutions and to expand networks for implementing those. All sessions are based on a diamond solutions approach (involving government, private sector, civil society and knowledge institutes).

6. Sessions.

Session 1: Reinvent Finance Creating Action in Cities and Deltas. The realities of financial institutions and their processes often fail to align with the implementation of innovative and comprehensive projects. Use pilot projects to pave the way to finance, to design innovative financial development models, and to enhance financial mechanisms. This session will focus on innovative PPP’s as a financing solution.
Facilitator: Mrs. AnneMarie Rankhorst – supervisory board member Human Cities Coalition. Contributors: Mr. Bert Smolders – Shelter Program Manager Arcadis, Ms. Patricia Holly Purcell – Senior Strategic Partnership Advisor UN Habitat.

Session 2: Collaboration is key Creating Action in Cities and Deltas. Knowledge exchange and assessments for informed planning and interventions in urbanizing deltas are key to foster and promote an action oriented attitude. It is essential to create interdisciplinary, multi-level and cross-sector (multi-stakeholder) alliances between parties such as governments, NGO’s, private sector, researchers and designers to connect the local to the (inter)national, and vice versa. This session will focus on what partnerships and networks realy need to strengthen synergies, inform decision makers, develop policies and strategies, and report progress on sustainable interventions in urbanising delta development.
Facilitator: Mr. Peter Odhengo – Treasury, Government of Kenya, Advisory Committee Member Delta Alliance. Contributors (tbc): Delta Alliance, NL Environmental, Assessment Agency, World Resources Institute, OECD, UNEP, UN-Habitat, Global Water Partnership, International Water Association.

Session 3: Make cities work! Creating Action in Cities and Deltas. More and more cities and city networks are considered to be crucial, transformative actors in the process of finding and implementing innovative strategies and solutions with respect to sustainable development. Cities try to involve global players and connect them to local interest, creativity and practices. The effectiveness of urban strategies and projects depends on the cities financial, regulative and organizational capacity. Not only local authorities, but also national governments, the private sector, researchers, designers and NGO’s have a crucial role in helping cities to build the capacity to make them work for more sustainable delta’s. In this session we will focus on understanding Cities as Agents of Change: What can cities do themselves and what do they need to bridge the gap between global politics and local practices? Outcome: agenda’s for each of the presented initiatives.
Facilitator: Irene van Oostveen, senior projectmanager VGN international. Contributors (tbc): Ton Dassen – PBL.

7. Presentation winner Youth Contest Sustainable Urban Deltas
By: Ms. Defne Osmanoglou, youth representative Dutch delegation.

8. Presentation of the results/ work agendas of the parallel sessions.
Moderator: Henk Ovink.

9. Closing remarks & final wrap up by the Delta Coalition representatives.
By: Mr. Khandaker Akhtaruzzaman – chairman of the National Housing Authority of Bangladesh.