Deltas and their populations are facing growing problems of coastal flooding, wetland loss, shoreline retreat and loss of infrastructure. Every year, over the million people experience flooding from storm surges alone. And climate change is making the situation worse.

Deltas are home to around half a billion people, attracted by fertile soil, fresh water and other natural resources, including gas and oil in some places. Many of the largest cities are found in deltas, which also house major ports, and some of the world’s most imporant industrial and agricultural production areas.


It is a major challenge to maintain the Delta’s integrity and it is not a matter of water management alone. Joint efforts are needed between both the public and private sectors that are involved in the economic development of the delta.

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The Delta Coalition

The Delta Coalition is world’s first international coalition of governments that have formed a partnership to deal with this problem and to get things done to make Delta’s more resilient.

Fast, informal, and flexible, the coalition facilitates discussion, exchange, innovation and creativity between the participating members and observers. Government lead and multi-stakeholder the initiative aims to get things done to improve and protect lives in urban deltas.

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The coalition will facilitate a complete body of knowledge on deltas, adaptation, resilience and sustainable urban development. Most importantly, it will allow delta countries to join forces to stimulate best practice, innovation and to increase opportunities for financing in order to facilitate implementation of projects that will reduce vulnerability to climate change.

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